Thank you for your curiosity to know about us. We are the inventor and developer of WhiteboART®. We are delighted and pleased to revolutionize the ugly and boring conventional whiteboards with a truly artistic whiteboard. WhiteboART® team promises to provide an artistic white-boarding experience!

When You Need WhiteboART®

You need a WhiteboART® at least in one of the following three cases. You require a whiteboard in your office or any room at home, but you do not want to reduce the esthetic of the office or room. You love artwork and hate ugly whiteboard. You need both artwork and whiteboard, but there is not enough space for both.

Howe to Use WhiteboART®

For manual WhiteboART®, you simply need to pull the white/color screen downwards when you want to use it as whiteboard, and when you are ready, pull it back again to display your artwork. For the electric and screenless WhiteboART®, the panel can be switched from transparent to opaque and vice versa.

From Where Are the Artworks?

We work with brilliant painting artists, photographers as well as reputable printing companies to develop high-quality artworks according to the requirements of our happy and satisfied customers. We will list them here soon.

How to Buy WhiteboART®?

You can order/buy ready made WhiteboART® available here in our website, but you can also customize or create your own WhiteboART® by sending us an email with your choices of the frame size and color, the artwork or even upload your own photo for printing. We will then get back to you with further information and a quotation. Soon, we will also list our products on online e-commerce platforms.